The SOUNDLAB New Music Podcast


Following up on his book “Sonic Mosaics: Conversations with Composers” (UAPress, 2009), composer Paul Steenhuisen explores the work of international new music artists.  SOUNDLAB New Music Podcasts include interviews, musical examples, and commentaries.  SOUNDLAB podcasts are available for online listening, or free download.  Written and produced by Paul STEENHUISEN.

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“If you want to hear an extended interview with Elliott Carter, here is one that composer Paul Steenhuisen did on November 10th, one month shy of Carter’s 102nd birthday. This podcast gives a real sense of his music, and also his personality. I can’t recommend it enough. Paul Steenhuisen does a terrific job of giving a sense of Carter’s music, and the context of his life.”  - Raymond Bisha, The Naxos Blog on Sequenza 21

...“the interviews are vintage Steenhuisen (interested, agile, informed); they are edited and embedded in a considered voiced-over narrative; and, the icing on the cake, they include numerous sound samples of the actual music referenced in the course of the interview, not only works by the composer being interviewed, but seminal works by other composers arising in the conversation.

It’s an absolutely brilliant way of getting not only words about the music (guilty as charged!) but a priceless taste of the sounds themselves. No better time to check the SOUNDLAB series out than with the Globokar interview, prior to heading out for a weekend with the master himself.”  - David Perlman, Wholenote